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Beaver Island beachfront vacation home built by KM
A beautiful Lake Michigan beachfront home built by KM

Lake Michigan Beachfront Vacation Homes

This new Lake Michigan beachfront home on the west side of Beaver Island was built for an owner who has years of experience in the trade, and chose KM Contractors to do the job for them. This custom lakefront home has a guest apartment on the first level, beautiful decks with unobtrusive long-lasting railings and impressive stairs down to the beach. A wood-enhanced cathedral living room with a beautiful open kitchen has plenty of glass to provide an unparalleled view for the upstairs. The house has durable maintenance-free siding, yet fits nicely with its beach surroundings.

KM Contractors enjoys finding a unique solution to the challenges of building a home in a rural setting. We know how important it is to you that we get it right, and we’re dedicated to doing so. We can work from your architect's plans, providing input about local practices and the availability of materials, or we can work with you to design a home that fits your needs.

We will accommodate the sensitive aspects of your beachfront site, suggesting proper siting and landscape restoration as part of the process.

We know how to build on schedule and within budget, even for the most complicated projects; step by step, we can break them down until we all agree they make perfect sense.

And we stay current on all the improvements rippling through the construction industry these days; we can advise you about which are mandatory, which are optional, and which should be put off until their price comes down. Contact us today so we can set up a time to discuss your project and how we can best serve you.


A view from the Beach of this Lake Michigan custom beachfront home

Durable siding makes this beachfront house very low-maintenance, and the beautiful new custom home fits in nicely with its beachfront site overlooking the lake.

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