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A truly extraordinary home which
KM Contractors helped build.

Residential Construction & Renovation

KM Contractors is ready to build your new home or remodel your existing home to give you the comfort and custom features you desire. We know how to build your home on schedule and within budget. We can work from your architect's plans or we can work with you to design a home that fits your needs.

There are several very good reasons to choose KM Contractors to build your custom new home or to provide a major rennovation of your older home to give it a completely new dimension.

  • The lead contractor, Ernie Martin Jr, is creative, intelligent, and dedicated to doing excellent work at a fair price. He grew up with the typical challenges of building discussed around the dinner table by his father, uncles, and great-uncles and, fascinated, he paid close attention.

  • Talk to anyone on the crew, or to past employees who have gone their own ways, and you’ll find that each of them respects KM’s integrity and fair-mindedness.

  • Listen to what the subs say about KM: “They don’t horse around.” “They know what they’re doing.” “If I take on work for them, I know I’ll get paid.” “If they tell me something, I can take it to the bank.”

  • Check their references. Talk to other customers; get into the details. Ask them, “Surely there was something you didn’t like.” You might be surprised at their continuing friendship and loyalty—or, then again, you might not.

Contact us today so we can discuss your project and how we can best serve you.


Below is a sequence of photographs taken during re-construction.
KM Contractors worked on the framing of this project.

Looking at the picture at the top of the page of the finished home, you might not even know that it was even the same lot. This turned out to be a beautiful project, and we were happy to help work on it.

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